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HSE Management Training Center

HSE Management Training Center has been a supplementary vocational education subdivision of  the HSE since 2012.

Before this the organization established in 1988 was well-known as the “Academy of supplementary vocational education “Management Training Center”. Every year more than 5000 students  train and improve their skills here.

The main activities of the Training center today are:

- quick training of executives and university experts on the subjects agreed with the Ministry of Education of Russia;

- development of intensive training technologies for managers and specialists of universities based on the topical issues of the audience and their active involvement in the development as well as formulation of the solutions of these issues;

- training of group leaders of organizations on standard or specially designed corporate training programs;

- holding “expert groups” to solve the complex issues and develop projects of specific methods, regulatory legal acts, systems of regulations and  procedures to ensure their implementation in a short time.

The Training center designed 12 standard programs and 8 of standardized technologies of seminars. As a part of them new modules  corresponding to changing the subject, the composition of the expert, the objectives of the seminar from the perspective of the customer and audience requests are developed annually.

Training center conducts consulting and research activities on a regular basis. 86 projects were carried out upon the orders of the federal executive bodies.

Standard training programs:

  • Training "Practical technologies of management decision-making";
  • Program "Strategic Dialogue";
  • Training "Applied aspects of management";
  • Leadership Skills Training;
  • Training "Manager and his Team (Forming and Developing)";
  • Training "Head of the Growing Organization";
  • Seminar "Company Development Strategy";
  • Seminar "Marketing Rules";
  • Training "Efficient Interaction";
  • Conflict Resolution Training;
  • Business Negotiations Training;
  • Business Meetings Conducting Training


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